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San Marcos Domestic Violence Lawyer

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San Marcos, CA Domestic Violence

Domestic battery and assault crimes are considered as part of domestic violence crimes which San Marcos, California adheres to the state domestic violence laws in full compliance.

Any willful and unlawful force inflicted on another within the family is termed as domestic battery crime under the California Penal Code 242 regardless of pain or injury incurred on the victim.

Any offensive touch could be deemed a domestic battery or assault which could be charged in a California court.

A serious injury from a domestic battery could lead on to a more serious crime under the California Penal Code 243 (d) PC or California Penal Code 240 on assault; these are considered two distinct crimes in California where

  • assault defines the attempt to inflict force or violence in causing an injury whereas
  • battery defines the actual manipulation of force or violence to inflict injury.

There are two classifications under battery.

  • A simple battery under the California Penal Code 242 PC is classified as a misdemeanor with fines up to $2000 and county jail term up to 6 months whereas
  • domestic battery may trigger a jail term of one year even as a misdemeanor crime.

Besides a mandatory batterer treatment program of one year, probation may be granted with a restraining order for a California domestic battery conviction.

It is best to hire a San Marcos domestic violence lawyer who is well versed in restraining order negotiations to procure more liberty during probation for the offender to live a more meaningful life.

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Updated on April 5th, 2024