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National City DV Defense Lawyer

National City Domestic Violence Lawyer

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If you or a loved is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best National City domestic violence lawyer we can help you. Our National City domestic violence attorney offer personalized 24/7 free consultation to help you regain your freedom.

California Penal Code 273 (a) PC on Child Endangerment covers part of domestic violence crimes. This Penal Code serves to protect the child in custody from further harm or trauma caused by domestic violence. The authority in California is diligent in protecting minors against adult abuse activities that could traumatize the young children for life.

Similarly, California Penal Code 368 PC on Elder Abuse prohibits physical and emotional abuse or neglect inflicted on the elderly; aged 65 years and older. Such offenses could happen through caregivers or anyone who abuse a senior citizen who could not defend him/her self.

Domestic violence convictions in the city has far and wide implications; convictions of this criminal charge could bring on heavy fines and long jail terms with potential problems on immigration and naturalization issues for foreigners.

An elder abuse in a domestic violence case may have a dependent adult abuse restraining order issued by the court upon request to ensure a complete safety for the elderly or dependent adult.

Defense over Restraining Order

If the defendant is believed to be wrongly accused of a domestic violence charge, it is imperative to seek out a skilled and experienced domestic violence specialist lawyer who is apt in repealing the order and charge.

Such legal experts must be meticulous and aggressive in reviewing all the data and reports to demand a dismissal of the charge for the alleged offender with new supporting evidence to prove their clients’ innocence. It is possible for the case to be one of mistaken identity.

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