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San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you looking to hire an experienced, affordable, local and one of the best San Diego domestic violence lawyer law office? Our San Diego domestic violence attorney has years of experience in helping the residents of all SD county communities in all types of misdemeanor & felony dv defense matters . Our defense attorneys team get results in San Diego County courts and are respected by judges, prosecutors, and other legal professionals. We get results for our clients because of our passionate and aggressive defense strategies so contact our defense team for free consultation.

Domestic Violence Charges

It is easy to have a domestic abuse charges slapped on to the accused in San Diego county, California where the domestic violence laws are strict on offenders or the accused. The California laws on domestic violence are complex and comprehensive in many areas to protect those who are abused at home especially the dependents and under-privileged.

However, there are cases where wrong accusations arise which requires the skill of a San Diego domestic violence lawyer  to set the record straight through a thorough investigation of the real incident and help you avoid jail or heavy penalties.

California boasts of a strong covering over the weak and the abused at home where fights and squabbles become uncontrollable to turn into physical violence and abuse. When this happens, innocent individuals get hurt physically, mentally and emotionally especially if this is not the first incidence.

Many domestically abused individuals seldom report their dire situation until it is too late with many victims suffering in silence for fear of further intimidation and public embarrassment. A lot of education is required to help give these victims and other potential domestic violence sufferers an understanding of their rights to stop the abuse on themselves. The right education on domestic violence could:-

  • strengthen the sufferers’ self-confidence
  • nurse their emotions and hurts
  • give them better options to resolve the situation
  • seek proper professional help from legal and psychological avenues
  • help sufferers consider immediate actions to stop the violence

California Domestic Violence Laws Overview California domestic violence laws cover:

  • assault
  • battery
  • criminal threat

These criminal laws are categorized as domestic violence in when the alleged victim is:

  • current or previous spouse
  • fiancé
  • cohabitant
  • dating partner
  • parent of abuser’s child

Greater penalties would be incurred when the case is charged under the California domestic violence laws where the allegation is considered more intense. Speaking to with some of the best San Diego domestic violence lawyer  for the specifics of your case could help you avoid heavy penalties.

Prosecution Process For Domestic Violence Charges

As domestic violence is viewed seriously in San Diego county and every district attorney’s office has a unit of prosecutors that is dedicated to handle such cases. These assigned prosecutors are skilled in prosecuting domestic violence offenders with harsh punishments upon convictions by the court. Such cases proceed with fervor by the prosecution to take the offender into stride. The prosecution would liaise with the law enforcement department that made the arrest of the alleged offender.

Even first-time domestic violence offenders are not getting away lightly with the protective law in the state to cover innocent victims. 1) Solid evidence would be garnered especially notable bruises and physical harm on the alleged victim’s body. 2) Emotional and mental health could be evaluated by professional psychologists or psychiatrists to prove emotional and mental abuses arising from abuses by the one who was to be the protector and caregiver. 3) Credible witnesses would be interviewed and confirmed on the reality of the domestic violence on the alleged victims. 4) Character references and criminal history of the alleged defendant would be conducted to verify potential occurrence of domestic abuses.

Sometimes hiring a San Diego criminal defense lawyer right after your arrest can help you go through these processes or stop the case to files. A San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You In Handling False DV Allegations It may be difficult to argue against the alleged victim who has proof of physical bruises and hurt to counter such charges. The accuser may make a false allegation out of:

  • anger
  • jealousy
  • deranged mind or emotions
  • gain the upper hand in an impending divorce
  • an attempt to secure child custody

The right San Diego domestic violence lawyer can help prove your innocence.

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