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Chula Vista domestic violence lawyer

If you or a loved one is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best Chula Vista domestic violence lawyers we can help you. 

The right Chula Vista domestic violence attorney offers a free consultation to weigh your legal options and help you regain your reputation.

The right lawyer who knows and understands the county and Chula Vista court system is recommended.

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Chula Vista Domestic Violence Law

The stakes are always high and dangerous with a Chula Vista domestic violence case as the stringent California laws are adhered to.

An arrest for any form of domestic violence as listed in its Penal Code 273.5 could trigger jail time and heavy fines with a mandatory 52- week batterer re-education program as well as probation.

When the victims of domestic violence cases are hurt and traumatized, the court could issue a restraining order to limit contact between the offender to the victims.

Alleged offenders of Chula Vista, CA domestic violence could have been wrongly accused of the charge for which they should seek out a qualified San Diego criminal defense law firm specializing in domestic violence cases to assist in clearing their names.

We can connect you with lawyers who can help those charged with domestic violence in South Bay cities including National city, south San Diego, Imperial Beach, Bonita, etc, for a free consultation

DV Temporary Restraining Order

There is usually a restraining order in place with domestic violence case in the city.

It may be difficult for someone accused or charged with a Chula Vista domestic violence to comply with the strict requirements of the restraining order and flouting it could bring on dire consequences to the offender.

But it is wise for the accused not to risk another arrest for violating the domestic violence restraining order regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Even a temporary or civil restraining order for DV must be complied with fully as it is issued by the judge.

A permanent restraining order could last 3 years and the accused or charged life would be very restricted in many facets.

The best approach toward a DV restraining order is to hire an experienced Chula Vista domestic violence attorney in San Diego County to handle the terms and conditions.

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This will help the attorney to take appropriate action to defend you in a court of law.

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Updated on April 5th, 2024