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North County DV Defense Lawyer

North County Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you or a loved is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best North County domestic violence lawyer we can help you. Our North County domestic violence attorney offer personalized 24/7 free consultation to help you regain your freedom.

Domestic violence is very rampant in the society today and it happens in all parts of the world. In CA, the laws are very clear and the consequences of domestic violence can be dire. You may face jail term or fines or both if convicted with domestic violence. The penal code is very clear on the action that should be imposed if one is found to be guilty of domestic violence. If faced with such charges, contact an experienced legal defense expert as soon as possible. Make sure that he/she is conversant with the penal codes applicable in CA so as to offer you the very best legal representation.

The applicable laws are:

  • California Penal Code Sections 270-273.75
  • California Penal Code Sections 240-248

Restraining order

This is an order that protects a person from being abused. This gives civil protection for the male and female victims.

A restraining order can really help. It can give orders to a restrained person to:

  • Stop any kind of contact and to stay away from relatives, your children and you
  • Come not near your home, children’s, school and work
  • If you live together, they can be ordered to move out
  • Not possess a gun
  • Follow the set visitation and child custody orders
  • Part with child support money and spousal support
  • Pay some bills and so on

The types of restraining orders include emergency protective order, temporary restraining order, and permanent restraining order. Getting help is always a great idea so as to bring this menace to a stop.

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